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Acoustic Chocolate Songs Vol. 2
© 2010 Vincent Bernardy

Now Available! Add this beautiful art piece to your music collection.

1 Warehouse
2 Lady Love
3 Play
4 I Can't Make You Love Me(cover)
5 Angel
6 Red Balloon
7 Butter Yellow Never Waltz
8 Cold
9 Don't Say No
10 Jump In My Car
11 Velvet Sleep
12 Drug Lovers
13 Red Balloon(Ext.Version)
14 You Call This Love

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Acoustic Chocolate Songs Vol. 1
© 2009 Vincent Bernardy

"Bravo Bravo you have one of the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard, Thank you!" Jon Anderson, singer for the group YES.

1 Fire Engine
2 Burnt Umber Fingers
3 Badlands
4 Ride
5 Light Dream
6 King or Queen
7 I Do Believe
8 Pocahontas
9 Down by the River
10 Rush
11 Lullaby
12 They Danced

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Birth© 2005 Vincent Bernardy

A dream I had a long time ago goes like this: I was certain I had this gift of music but also that no one else knew and was trying to tell others and convince them. No one believed me, but I knew and I believed. I opened my mouth, stuck my arm down my throat and went to the depths of my being, that secret place where the soul is born. Awakening, ripping, tearing, dislodging ancient musical strings attached to the core of I AM. In fixed amazement people watched me pull these ancient musical strings from my gaping mouth. Their dropped jaws & silence was my testimony, my dream is alive.

1 Humpty Dumpty
2 U Call This Love
3 Barry White & Your Mom
4 Addictions
5 Driving
6 I'm the Thing
7 Waking U
8 I Wanna Ride You Like a Horsey
9 Still Haven't Found (u2 Remake)
10 Super Zero
11 Body Temple
12 Breath
13 One Step

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Oh Oh Love© 2006
Vincent Bernardy

Pop folk rock, creative catchy songs, oh oh love is a pop rock folk song you will find yourself singing to it as you are listening to it. sweet thing is a song about that real love that just didnt happen and your heart breaking about it. I hope you enjoy this peace love light st. vincent

1 My Love
2 Oh Oh Love
3 Someday
4 Spacey Love Jerk
5 Sweet Thing
6 U Call This Love
7 Breathe
8 Badlands
9 Slow Ride
10 Ride

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Stairwell© 1999
Vincent Bernardy

This acoustic ethereal music was performed live in a stairwell on the 8th floor of the Northwestern Building in downtown St. Paul Minnesota. These songs will float into your dreams. This piece was inspired by a redheaded witch, what a beautiful muse. I hope you enjoy it in the dark.

1 Almost
2 Nothing Without You
3 Who
4 Love Caress
5 Can't Control Love
6 This Day
7 Cowboys & Indians
8 Send My Love

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Blue Angel© 1980
Vincent Bernardy

This golden piece of music was recorded in the mid 80s in the Midwest, when the music scene was huge. I was performing in the big Mpls. music scene in the 80's along with the replacements, prince, soul asylum, frances gumm, urban gurillas ect. At that time I was written up in the paper and compared to bob dylan...
This piece of music is beautifully sad & dark with a tint of light for hope. I hope U enjoy this artistic expression of something that is beautifully sad - this cd deals with sexual and physical abuse. (the music is beautifully sad not the abuse)
It was magically recorded on an 8 track player then transfered to cd format (it was recorded before cds were available.)

1 Wish I Had
2 Raggedy Ann
3 Balloon
4 Boy & Ball
5 Piece of Me
6 Alone
7 Lullaby
8 Twisted Sea
9 Rock Star
10 Mary
11 Heathens
12 Louise

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Andy & Vincent's
Gay 90's Songs© 2007

These songs were created in the 90's. They have a Smokey Robinson meets Rick Astley feel to it. These songs were created with someone famous singing them, at the time my brother was working with one of " Puff Daddy's " back up singers. It never materialized. But the "mock" tracks live on in gayness!!! ENJOY!

1 Sex Song (U R My Only Love)
2 Slow Ride
3 Spinnin Me Round
4 Story Book
5 Trin to Forget
6 U can Be
7 Big Rock Star (Andy)
8 Cool Melody (Andy)
9 Andy the Movie 1
10 Andy the Movie 2

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